Change. I've been living this lie. Working a corporate job, making millions for top executives while I make pennies, contributing nothing to the world. Comfort. A steady paycheck. I hate it…my job has been my biggest anxiety trigger…but if it's change I fear, then it's change I need.

By the end of this month I will have completed the requirements to re-activate my massage therapy license. After that…I'm making the change to make my life better…more meaningful. It's been one talent that I've been praised for. Knowing what aches people is intuitive to me. It takes somebody who has endured this pain to know that I don't want others to feel the same. I'm not just talking about physical pain…but also mental pain. Nobody should feel the anxiety and depression that I feel. And my gift to the world, will help lessen that pain in others.

This starts my journey to stop playing the victim. To start making a difference in the world. To help other people.

Change is a scary thing because it's uncertain. But it only goes the path that you choose. If you go into with doubt, then you'll still live in fear. If you go into it with passion and determination, then you have nothing to lose.

I am going to try my hardest to stay positive and to realize that I'm making the best out of myself.

It's time…


My biggest fear

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