Battle scars

What do you do when you feel hopeless in life? When you feel your job is meaningless and you cannot find any way out in order to make a better life? Don't get me wrong, I know I'm a great person and a caring individual. I don't know why I was put on this earth. I don't just want a "job". I want meaning. Am I concentrating too hard on trying to align my passion with my life with a career…or is it as simple as finding out what makes me happy?

I've done the entire college life…messed that up by pursuing a major for job security and financial stability. I never took my passion/happiness into consideration. Then, not too long ago, I attempted grad school for a major that I was passionate about. Ended up dropping because I just couldn't do the college thing again! Papers. Classroom lectures. Taking pointless courses that have nothing to do with my desires. Going into even more debt. I don't want to do the college life again.

I could work on getting my massage license re-activated…but massage therapy is rarely a financially stable job. So much stress put on your body for too little compensation. I did love helping people and promoting relaxation. What else am I good at…besides overthinking in my head and getting myself down.

These are just the surface layer of the daily thoughts that go through my head daily.


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